Thursday, September 22, 2005

Roll Call: Ginger and Wade

My sister, her husband, and two nephews, living in Danbury.


  1. Whew! I just talked to my nephew Tyler who told me that he really likes their hotel in San Anglo. He said Ginger was asleep, tired after driving all night, but that they were doing fine. He said they left home about midnight, and that he, Colton, and Ginger are together. I asked about Wade, and he told me he thinks he may be on the way to San Angelo now as well.

    I was THRILLED to be able to contact them!

  2. I just got off the phone with Ginger, in San Angelo. She told me that Wade's mom, Peggy, was on the way to Dana's house. She had been traveling for 5 hours for a progress of 58 miles!

    Wade was going to try to head to Dana's as well, but was trying a different route. Ginger said he might change his mind and stay home depending on what direction the storm takes.

    The boys are happy to stay right where they are, the swimming pool being the biggest draw. I told her I'd check back with her in the morning.

  3. My morning update with Ginger let me know she and the boys are doing just fine. The boys are really enjoying access to the pool.

    We discussed that if the storm trend continues to move on a northern track, her home may escape any serious wind damage. I thought to remind her to call home before heading that way next week...if there are any items that will need to be purchased in the next week, she will probably have better luck purchasing it there and bringing it home with her. I even suggested she might think of bringing some extra gas home.

    We also discussed her trip home. She thought it might be better to head toward my area, then turning and heading northeast from there. This is probably a really good idea since there may be nearly as much traffic coming back as there was going out.

  4. When I talked to Ginger this afternoon, she was stuck in traffic on her way back to Danbury. Wade had gone from Austin to Danbury earlier in the day and had no trouble, but Ginger and the boys were in the middle of a WHOLE LOT of people trying to get home.

    While Danbury was without power for a bit, Ginger's next-door-neighbor happens to work for the utility company, so they are never without power for long. Other than a few limbs down here and there, Ginger and Wade's place came out just fine. They are awfully happy the storm is over.