Thursday, September 22, 2005

Roll Call: Rachael

Our daughter, and two grand-children, living in Spring.


  1. I finally got in touch with Rachael this morning. She was at work, and sent home about noon, but chose instead to go to one of the stores and help out. She is currently at the HEB Louetta store, helping out in any way she can. She told me they will be open until 5pm, and I can only guess it is a real mad-house there. Then she plans to head back to her apartment. It's only a few miles away, but may take as much as 2-3 hours to drive with all the traffic. I worry about her mostly because she is by herself. I'll try calling her later and see if I can talk her into going to a friend's house to weather the storm.

  2. After putting in a long and difficult day, Rachael is now suffering from some kind of "bug". I wish I could get to her to help!

    I made her promise to go to someone's home in the morning so she won't have to ride out the storm all by herself. She promised she would, and that she'd call and let me know when she was there.

    I know my girls are all grown and on their own now, but it doesn't stop me from worrying, and doesn't keep me from wishing I could "fix" things for them!

  3. My youngest, as Leo reminded me, can be a bit hard-headed. [He also wondered aloud, "Gee...I wonder where she could have gotten that from?"] She assured me that since the storm is "not really headed her way" (is she watching the same news I am??), she is not concerned.

    So, I pulled rank on her. I played the nagging mom role and MADE her PROMISE to move to a friend's house before this evening. I do not want her being alone when the winds and rains start. I'm guessing some people are going to lose power and the ability to use their cell phones, and I want to know she is not alone.

    We'll see if I still have any "pull".

  4. Rachael called this morning from her friend Wendy's house. She is feeling a little better this morning.

    It looks like the last outer band of serious weather is still passing over them. She said they have been without electricity since early in the morning, but it's not too hot yet since the wind is still gusting heavily and the rain is falling steadily. From the news reports, it looks like the wind there should begin to die down in another hour or so, but she agreed it might be best for her to just stay put until tomorrow.

    Wendy's yard doesn't have a lot of trees, so they are not concerned about any serious damage, but Rachael said they can judge the wind strength by watching the trees at the neighbor's house across the street. She said it is still not unusual to see the trees bend nearly half over in the wind.