Thursday, November 17, 2005

Three Week Countdown

We are in the three-week countdown to the end of the semester, and things are really getting hectic. My good news is I have an "A" in Literature and and "A" in Geography. Even though I struggle on the tests in Accounting, I either have a low "A" or a high "B" there, so it could go either way. I am still having a blast, but it's not like there is no pressure. I "blew up" at my spouse earlier this week. It was (as usual) over something petty, but once you "pop" and put all those ugly words out for you both to see, you just can't take them back. You can get over them, you can ignore them, you can deal with them, but you can't take them back. So, if our plans are still on for a quick drive to Monterrey (Mexico) the day after Thanksgiving, maybe we can start working on the mending. I'm actually looking forward to it. In the job market, I did NOT get a return call from BP, which really bummed me out for a little while, but I've got something else working that I'm hoping will get me somewhere. Again, it's not like I don't have an income, it's just that I don't have a clue how long that will hold out in my present situation. So...wish me luck in the job hunt! Looking ahead to next semester, I am enrolled as a Junior at the University of Houston. I will register for class this weekend, and am hoping the ones I want are still available when my turn comes around. I'm struggling with deciding what kind of load to take with all the stresses and unknowns that I'm dealing with now. But, I feel like I'm on a roll again. If I don't hit it hard, I may never get through. And although I'm willing to sacrifice for a while in order to achieve what I want, I'm not willing to sacrifice everything, and I'm not willing for this to go on for y..e..a..r..s! Well, time to get back to Dante and his Inferno, memorizing the locations of the African countries (thanks to a cute kid's cd, I actually have the country names down already), and trying to figure out the correct ledger entries for a Cost Accounting problem. P.S. I can't BELIEVE we finally got a break in the weather and can actually turn off our air conditioners. I was afraid we were going to spend another Thanksgiving in a heat wave.

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