Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Living Room...Thanks to Sis and Hubby!

Living room furniture is oh-so-comfy. Although I spent part of Thursday looking at furniture with Leo, I HAD to get back to work on Friday. He reluctantly agreed to make some furniture choices and purchases without me based on what he thought I would like. When I told my sister of the plan, she agreed to go with him for a while and help with the decision-making. Oh my gosh! The two of them did an UNBELIEVABLE job picking out items that I wanted, needed, and am already loving! The large and comfy collection of sofa, loveseat, and double-wide chair is EXACTLY what I wanted. It took us a bit to find the right arrangement to actually fit it all into the living room, but we did it. And it is not only beautiful, but very funcitonal for the way Leo and I live on the weekends (when he's here) and the way I live during the week. The only "drawback", and the one that Leo absolutely LOVES, is the FREE TV they were able to pick up with the furniture purchase. NOTE: I've lived a long and happy year with no tv...now we'll have to test my willpower to avoid the thing when deadlines get tight! Anyway, a few items on the walls and this place will be "set", and meet all our needs, for the next year...at least.

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