Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Grades Starting to Roll In

Out of the four classes this semester, two of my grades have been posted. Although it's been a long time since I got something other than an "A", considering the workload and the team grading element in the classes, I'm happy with my grades. I made a "B" in Marketing Technological Innovations and an "A" in Technology Transfer. The "B" was an 87, so it only fell short by a bit, and the "A" was a solid 94. While I got a good score back on my Elevator Speech in Converting Technology to Wealth, the bulk of the scoring will come from our team efforts on the Quicklooks, so I can't really guess at what that score will be. In Financing New Ventures, I put a lot of effort into understanding the subject and completing the work, but it is definitely not my strong point. I have no guess at what either of these scores will be, as we are NOT graded on effort (guess that was the good old undergraduate days!) Wish me luck!

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