Saturday, August 18, 2007

Storm's a Brewin'

Home for the weekend for the first time in a really long time...Whoopee! It's an absolutely beautiful day. But the weather reports have us all a little worried. Hurricanes are a fact of life here, something that comes along regularly. However, because of their nature, people along the coast learn to evaluate them based on how close they hit. That's a little misleading though, since it's often the fringe storms that cause the most damage.

A lot of people want to know whether we'll leave when the storms come. That's never something I consider...I never leave. And the storms that blew through in late September of 2005 strengthened my resolve as more people were killed in "running" than were affected by the storms themselves. Nope...I'm safe here, the winds are my only concern, and I would be more stressed by leaving and wondering about what's happening at home than by staying, so it's no question for me. I'll be here.

Today, Leo and Jess are planning and scheming about the storm preparations. They are tying things down, moving things that can be moved, and walking the yard time after time looking for problems. I will be heading back to Houston on Sunday, but if hurricane Dean hits anywhere along the coast, I'll be back home before it hits.

The game plan now is to check in regularly and watch the progress. It's an easy thing to obsess over, but that's not really my style (and, I don't have the time for it!). So, now it's on to other things...homework, work, and the like. Talk to you soon.

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