Sunday, September 30, 2007

End of the Weekend

Big thanks out to Jessie Baldock, our next-door-neighbor, brother-in-law, and fishing instructor, for this really cool night shot of our house from his house. The big light in the sky was the full moon we've enjoyed this past week. The lights on the horizon are from the plant where Leo worked for so many years...Formosa Plastics in Point Comfort. It's a great shot of the house and the moonrise!

Greetings go out to Johnny and Martha Ramirez, who drove down from Houston and visited us for the day. We enjoyed time together, sitting on the pier, fishing, laughing, visiting, and having a really good time. We hope they will put us on their schedule and come again soon as it was an absolutely beautiful day, and so much fun.

Jessie bought a really cool bell at the auction last year to raise money for the church parking lot. He decided to hang it down at the pier. We now have a tradition that the catcher of any really big fish gets to ring the bell. Today was a lot more fun and laughter than it was a day for catching the big fish. My first catch was a nice size stingray, something that doesn't actually "count" unless nothing else is caught that day. Martha and Leo each caught a cute little hardhead (Leo's wasn't much bigger than his bait!) Jessie did something that just NEVER happens as he didn't actually catch anything. Of course, he doesn't fish to catch just "anything". But Johnny won the day by catching two small fish, neither any bigger than his hand. Still, in spite of the poor catch, we really had a blast. As we headed back to the house, Johnny accepted his award for "catch of the day" by ringing the bell. I went back to my homework, but not without a big smile for a wonderful day spent with good friends.


  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Cool Picture! Seems to have been doctored. Or the 'tographer really knows his camera. Hats Off !


  2. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Hi Bee.
    I am back. After my Lawyer ( Attorney/Advocate,Solicitor wrote to te Cable Co. U have not added to your blog in days, Why? Busy with exams? please visit Houston soon and write abt it on the blog.