Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cold and Rainy Day

Today is a good day for staying inside and working. Of course, that's a good thing for me since I have so much work to do. Let's my "to do" list looks something like this:

  1. Finish creating my brother's CD cover art
  2. Create a brochure highlighting the new CAPS 40 ton Air Handler Unit
  3. Write up my review of another team's business plan
  4. Work with my team on modifying our business plan
  5. Work with team on Product Roadmap and Strategy
  6. Work with team on the rewrite of our technology vision and strategy
  7. Start on homework...lots and lots of homework

<sigh> I suppose I will have to admit that today is a bit of a "down" day for me. I still feel like I am working so very hard, but not getting caught up. Top all that off with the stress of finding out (soon) whether or not Leo and/or I have a shot at an overseas assignment and you've got a recipe for moodiness.

As far as school goes, I seem to be doing fine in all of my classes except one. That one class takes up so much more time than the others, and I am still barely passing the class. It is obviously because I don't understand the subject matter; I've had no experience at all with any of it. Usually I can make up for what I don't already know by working hard, studying hard, and looking things up. In this class, well, that's just not working for me. Still, to know that I'm hanging in there in the others is a really nice feeling. Not only am I learning a HUGE amount of new information this semester, but I'm also hanging on and learning how to use the learning in the things that I'm working on. Well, all except for that one class. <smile>

A refill on my Diet Coke and I'll be ready to dig in and start back at chipping away at my "to do" list. In spite of the dreary cold day, I'm THRILLED to be spending it at home, for once. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

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