Monday, May 05, 2008

Leo's Interview

UPDATE: There is a lot that can happen in three months, of course, but the word we received late last evening was that Leo will be headed to Nigeria in July.

Although we can't say much about it yet, Leo did interview for a job in Nigeria today. The good news is that he has a lot of experience, and expertise, in the position that is open. The bad new is there are quite a few candidates vying for the job. Still, we have hope. Because our work backgrounds, up to a point, are largely similar, we are both hoping that one of us getting a position there will open the door for the other to follow. But even if just one of us gets the opportunity, we both are excited about the impact it could have and are definitely willing to consider that option.

According to the interviewer, the best guess for the timing on the position would be sometime late in July. That works perfectly for us. So...wish us the best, and you can count on being kept "in the loop" on progress!

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