Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trip to Ugborodo Approaches

Ugborodo is the name of the area where Leo will be headed in less than 30 days. Although the oil companies call the area "Escravos", there are many who wish to remove the name, a word which means "slaves" in Portuguese, from Nigerian geographical expressions. But it is not about political debates that I want to focus, but rather about the fact that my husband is heading there soon leaving me behind to wait.

If you are curious which emotion is most prominent in my mind now, I can assure you that it is NOT fear. However, there are a range of others that fight for my attention. Pride, jealousy, admiration, excitement, sadness...those are only a few. And I am not the only one in our inner circle to experience these.

I am proud that my sweetheart has the desire to go, do something exciting, and make a difference. I am also quite proud that he has the expertise, experience, and skills that make him a desirable candidate for the job. And anyone that knows Leo knows he is an EXCELLENT instructor.

I am jealous that I am not getting the same opportunity to go, but should add, as Leo always does, "not yet". There is a position that I am being looked at for, although it is not yet ready to be filled. We would prefer that we were both there, together, working at the same time.

I admire him for coming out of retirement, something he does not have to do, something he should not have had to do, in order to get back into the game for two more years. He is hoping to make some money for us to finish the house with, so that I won't have to work so hard and so long. For that, I adore him.

I am so very excited for him. What a wonderful adventure! We've been to some wonderful places in the world and had some great times doing it. We are not demanding in our travels, preferring the simple lives we encounter and simple pleasures of laid-back adventures to the extravagance of other, more demanding travelers.

I am also excited that we might be able to finish the house in the next two years, something that has seemed impossible for so very long. Finishing the house would mean so much to us, allowing family to come and visit, allowing us to entertain friends, and allowing us to "kick back" on occasion and enjoy our lovely home.

But I'm also a bit sad. While our careers have kept us apart a significant part of our lives, it has never been for so long...30 days at a time! We both know we will survive it, but are hoping it will be worth the sacrifice. Truth is...I love him dearly and love being with him. This will be difficult on us both. But a difficulty that I am proud about, jealous of, full of admiration for, that is exciting and even a little sad. Yup...that Leo...what a guy!

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