Sunday, August 03, 2008

Preparing for Edouard

Okay, okay. You got me. Anyone that knows me well knows that "preparing for Edouard" is not really my style. I mean, after 48 years of living in the path of hurricanes, I generally take a very laid-back view of the entire thing. Whatever comes, comes. That's my philosophy. So "preparing for Edouard" really means that I'm watching the news so I can stay up-to-date on the storm.

I've hit another snag at work that I'm not at all happy about, but am working through the "fix" at a steady pace. I have a dentist appointment in Edna in the morning (a crown...yuk!) so I won't be heading back to Houston tonight. When I begin the drive back will actually depend on the storm. When tomorrow comes, we'll see.

We had a really nice weekend, Leo and I. I did take time off to head down to the pier once and put my line in the water. I pulled in a couple of catfish and a croaker, but nothing to get excited about. I didn't stay long enough I guess. Leo, on the other hand, had a wonderful weekend. He pulled in a couple of good trout and a really nice flounder. Of course, he lost his rod when he hooked a really big stingray and tried to pull it in. When she got to the top of the water, the rod snapped right in two. Still, Jess caught a beautiful spotted trout as well. The trout all went into the freezer while the flounder provided us with a positively delicious supper.

Although I didn't get moved into my newly painted home office like I wanted to, Leo braved the elements and spent enough time in the attic to get us squared away on the coax lines. Tonight we watched tv in the master bedroom while the last boats made their way in to port for the night. [Its not difficult to keep an eye on both the television and the bay beyond with our setup. We are REALLY enjoying it.]

Ah well, it's time now to get some shut-eye, prepare for a difficult morning ahead [did I mention that I HATE THE DENTIST?] while keeping an eye on the progress of the storm. What a life.

P.S. The best we can tell, Leo will be leaving the country in a little more than 2 weeks. I am SO going to miss him while he's gone!!!

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