Sunday, October 12, 2008


Ever since Leo's been home, he's been telling such wonderful stories about his adventures in Nigeria, and all points between. He has a real respect for the "nationals" he's come in contact with and has made several close friends among the "expats" as well. Although my emotions have swung both ways when it comes to the issue of letting him return to Nigeria, I am very much comforted by the fact that he is surrounded by people that are taking good care of him and by people that he considers "friends". We'll see when November 3 rolls around, however. Saying it's alright for him to go again and watching him get on that airplane are two entirely different things!

I did want to provide some PROOF that Leo and I actually do live together on occasion, so as we were headed out the door on our way to church this morning, I made him stop and take a photo with me. (He's a really good-looking bald-headed man, don't you think?!?)

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  1. Desiree10:41 AM

    Nice Picture!! Hope you guys are having fun hanging out. Thanks for the updates, Bea!