Sunday, November 23, 2008

50 Down, 3000 to Go

Rebecca came to work for me this weekend, and we really had a good time. We actually tackled 2 projects, 1) cleaning/organizing the pantry, and 2) finishing the guest bath. Okay, I know it's only 50 square feet of work down and 3,000 more to go, but's a start!

Check out the finished product on the guest bath. Remember, when you come to visit, this will be your bath! :-) Anyway, we also accomplished some planning and scheming, decided on some furniture choices (guest room) for down the road, and looked into LOTS of options for different parts of the house. I'm not getting ahead of myself here; I definitely expect the house to take another full year to complete. But it does feel good to start chipping away at the piles of rubble and make some parts of the house actually complete. So much fun ahead! Next weekend's plans? Boxing, labeling, and stacking. Ooohh. What fun!

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