Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thorough House Cleaning Coming Up

Two weeks until my sweetheart comes home and the house is an absolute wreck. Well, that's really to be expected considering all the construction that's been going on there. I had hoped to have wood floors in before he got home, but the delivery has been postponed (back order) until mid-December. They wanted to know if I wanted to pick a different one. "Are you crazy? It took us WEEKS to settle on that one! No way we're going to start over!!"

So, my daughter Rebecca is going to head my direction on Friday and give me a hand trying to get the place in order. We had so much fun visiting last Saturday that I am GREATLY looking forward to her visit, even if it is so we can get a lot of work done. I expect that it will take several weekends to get the job accomplished, but that's okay...we can handle it.

I hear from Leo every couple of days, via email, although I haven't heard his voice in WEEKS. He claims that the phone reception over there is poor but I think he is often too worn out at the end of the day to spend time trying to get a phone call in. It's okay though. As long as I get news from him SOME way or another, I'm good.

We are at the "hump" now with a few more days behind than in front of us. It seems like such a long time since he left, so much has been going on. I believe that our original game plan of doing this for 3 years in order to REALLY get ahead may be squashed after the first term (1 year) is over. He likes the work, I like the money, but neither of us likes the separation. Six visits to Nigeria and I'll be ready for him to give it up. I can make enough of a living for us after that!

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