Monday, January 26, 2009

Almost Home

I got to talk to Leo on the phone last night for a couple of minutes. It was the first time in a long time, and it had taken him about 20 minutes of dialing and dropped connections before it actually worked. The harmattan is wreaking havoc on them and interrupting a lot more than communications. But it is not something that comes, stays, then leaves but rather a weather condition that is always lurking and tends to pop up randomly, usually when you least expect it.

Leo seems to be doing fine, but like me, is ready for this rotation to come to an end. He will leave early on Wednesday but has a different travel schedule than usual and will not be home until Thursday night. He will also be flying in to a different terminal since he will take care of the international arrival process in Chicago instead of Houston. No matter. I will be waiting whenever/wherever his arrangers decide to give him back to me.

My Saturday classes (Project Management Professional Exam Preparation) are taking more of a toll than I expected. Although I've been involved in project management for years, learning the official lingo, structure and framework is a bit like learning a new language. I mean, when learning a new language you know that there is a word for "apple" in there somewhere, but you have to learn it when you hear or see it, learn that it is the word used for the object of an apple, and remember all that even when you are talking about "pencils", "faith", "ideas", and all the other words in the language. Whew! What a task!

I also had to work on Sunday morning this week. The report was due this morning and we couldn't find another opening in the schedule to prepare for it, so Sunday morning was the answer. It meant that I missed going to church 2 weeks in a row, a trend I really do not want to continue. (Have I told you how much we LOVE our little church here? Well, we do.) I am positive that even though I have to go back to Houston at least twice before Sunday, I will be able to be home in time to attend services with Leo next week. I know that he is looking forward to it as well.

Well, now that I've gotten my morning chit-chat out of the way, I guess I'm ready to go to work. I have a full day ahead, so other than getting some laundry done while I work, I probably won't have time for anything else (housecleaning, fishing, reading, sleeping, etc.) Sigh. I'm really thinking I need a vacation soon. It's just that there's still this nagging little problem of needing money to survive. If I could just find a way around that one...

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