Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sitting Around Together

I had to spend the weekend in Houston taking care of some business, so by the time I got home yesterday morning, I just could not bring myself to get back to work. I know it's silly, considering all we have to do, but Leo and I have basically been sitting around and enjoying each others company for the past two days. We've made a couple of trips to town, we've engaged in some light-hearted planning and scheming, he's caught me up on the Nigerian news and I've caught him up on the goings on here at home.

The weather has been unbelievably gorgeous with the water a brilliant blue and the pelicans, gulls, and other water fowl shining brightly in the sun. I have gotten some bill paying done, a bit of computer clean-up accomplished, and a little bit of paperwork finished up, but basically, Leo and I have had two days of pretending like we are retired. Two days is just enough to let us know that when the time comes for real, we are REALLY GOING TO LIKE THIS!

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