Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday in Manila

This has been one very long, but very productive, day. It seems that my new business partner and I have hit things off well. Even though we've worked together for months now, remotely, this was our first opportunity to meet face-to-face. For 10 hours straight we talked about goals, plans, researched background information, produced alternative scenarios, updated online collaboration tools, and talked and talked and talked. Tomorrow, we have more of the same planned, and have decided to start earlier so we can get more done. (Note: I am skipping supper tonight and going straight to bed!)

As with all new ventures, if money could be made on enthusiasm and intent, we'd be rich already. The hard part is continuing to contribute to the effort while hoping to see some payback in the end. Whether or not that occurs is really anybody's guess. But hey, we are definitely giving it our best shot.

Today we submitted the paperwork to the "powers that be" that actually cements our company bond. We are a joint venture between the Herries Engineering and Technical Services company and Amaya Consulting, operating under the Herries-ETS name with a primary targeted area of operation in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Sounds exciting, right?

The next meeting we have planned should occur sometime in June. I will be traveling to PNG, meeting with as many business and government officials as we can squeeze into the 3 week trip, and trying to provide proof that the services we can deliver are top-notch. I believe we are as good as any in the market and better than most. I just hope we get a chance to prove it.

Well, I honestly can't keep my eyes open any longer, so I'm going to sign off now. I'll be back soon, however. Missing Texas but enjoying Manila tonight!

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