Friday, May 08, 2009

Ready to Spend 1/2 Day at Home

Although my trip to Virginia went well, I came home to another problem (work) that prevented me from attending the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston on Thursday. I was disappointed, but it was something I really needed to attend to. Oh well.

Today I'm at sis' house working on a project with her. I will swing by West Columbia to watch my oldest nephew's baseball game tonight, then head home for long enough to wash some clothes, pack my bags, and head back to Houston again in the morning.

Daughter Rebecca and I will be staying in Baytown tomorrow night. We are scheduled to put in a few hours' work, attend an event with sis, (a lecture by a woman named Lisa), and a few more hours of work on Sunday. I'll stay at sis' house once again Sunday night and gear up for several scheduled meetings on Monday and Tuesday. I'm hoping to get to come home again on Wednesday, but that really remains to be seen.

I've picked up a couple of new contracts in the last week, but my workload is such that I am prepared to handle them. The fact that Rebecca is going to be a full-time employee for me starting the first or second week of June is a REALLY BIG deal. The game plan is that her coming on board will free me up to do more work and allow for her skills to develop further at the same time. We are both excited about it. I'll be sure to keep the updates coming. (And I'm really sorry they are so few and far between these days!)

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