Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Fun

Okay, the title may have been a little misleading. I mean, first off I have fun all the time. Life is just a fun adventure. Secondly, I don't really segment my days into categories of education, work, and fun anymore; they are all the same thing. This weekend Rebecca is here with us in Port Lavaca and she and I are busy getting things set up for when she comes "on board" full time a week from tomorrow. "Pawpaw Leo" and Madison have gone to the movies. The weather is gorgeous and we are enjoying the weekend in spite of the fact that it is (as always) a working weekend.

Although I scour the news and my email inbox for indicators that things will be ramping up soon in PNG, so far, I am seeing none of those signs. It's okay, I guess. I have plenty of work here to do, but you know how it is...always the newest adventure that gets the most attention. Still, it wouldn't hurt for there to be some signs of life from the other side of the planet. Until I hear something, however, I'll do my best to stay focused here and take care of business as needed. Tomorrow is "ExxonMobil day" in my list of to-do tasks, and I'll spend the entire day taking care of outstanding items waiting on me there. The rest of the week I will put in time each day after their 8 hours are full and take care of some other sideline projects. It should be quite a busy week. Still, the biggest excitement comes next Sunday when Rebecca and I spend the evening working out a game plan for the first week of June, our first week in business together.

Wish us luck! This is definitely a FIRST for the both of us!

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