Thursday, May 14, 2009

Working Woman (and more)

Ah...home again! Although it is short-lived and gives me no break in my work, it is very nice to be home again. As I drove home last night I was hoping that I would find Grace and Jess back home when I arrived. No such luck. Although I don't take the opportunity to visit with them nearly as much as Leo does, I really do miss them when they're gone. I am really hoping they will be back by the time Leo gets home next Thursday.

The past few weeks have been a bit rough with lots of travel and lots of crazy snippets of work. For example, on Tuesday I had four meetings with four different groups on four different projects. One was a brand new project, two were revisions of old projects, and one was a request for some data from one of my old projects to help someone else with their new project. Crazy. Yes. Definitely.

I still have one more trip to make before I settle in for a bit of a break (and get to know my MIA spouse all over again!) I am flying out to Lubbock on Monday morning in order to visit the campus, sit in on a class lecture, and meet some of the professors I will be working for over the next few years. Although I am not nervous at all, I do worry a bit that I will be one of the program participants that are the least "in the know" about the program and what it entails. I'm hoping to learn a lot on my little two-day journey. When I get back into town, I have a Wednesday meeting in Houston (I've been asked to 'hack' someone else's database in order to retrieve some important data). I'm not sure whether I'll do the hotel thing on Tuesday-Wednesday or what. Actually that's a nice segue into my next topic, that of getting an apartment [again] in Houston.

With so many 'unknowns' about where my business is headed, I have been hesitant about renting another apartment in Houston. The truth is, however, that I am doing more and more work there [again] and really am hurting over a place to stay. The hotel bills for the past 2 months are really killing me. So, it's time to go apartment hunting again. This time, however, there are some changes in the method/madness.

My daughter, Rebecca Faircloth, is going to start working for me full-time on June 1. She is going to be the Office Manager for my Amaya Consulting business and will probably be doing a lot of work for my part in the Herries ETS joint venture as well. In this role, she and I will be working closely together for the next few months and she is going to need to relocate to Houston. So...we are apartment hunting together. In talking to friends recently, I've figured out that for the first time in a really long time, more and more people that I know are going to such a living arrangement and sharing living space and living expenses with others. Rebecca and I are both quite independent, but we've discussed it enough to feel that we are going to be able to 'live together', at least part of the time, without any problems. But beyond that, daughter or not, I am so VERY pleased to have some help in my business. A few months of getting things organized and outlining the division of duties and I think we are going to be off to a running start at ramping up our activities. So, even though the times are busy and a bit crazy, this is also a good time for me, my business, and my life. It's really starting to get FUN again!

Lots of work is waiting on me in what's left of this morning, so I'd better get to it. Hope to see/hear from some of you soon. And I'm hoping that I can spend a couple of days here at home, enjoying what is developing into a very beautiful place. And I am looking forward to my sweetie returning home from Nigeria in only a week. Whoopie!!

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