Friday, October 30, 2009

House Updates, But Not Yet :-)

We're finally to the "countdown" for Leo coming home, and, as ever, I am starting to get excited. There is a lot going on in my life, which is not unusual, but it is split across a wide range of area. I suppose I should cut to the chase here...I think I'm taking the long way around apologizing for no postings for many weeks.

Next week, after Leo gets home and things settle in a bit, you can expect some photos here on progress at the house. You see, we've found it's a lot more fun if Leo waits until he gets home to find out what I've been up to with the house, so I'm careful to avoid posting photos and dropping too many hints while he's gone. It may seem a bit childish of us to play it this way, but there are actually good reasons for it.

First, it keeps Leo from being too distracted at work. When he's home, Leo spends a lot of time on the computer, watching tv, relaxing with Jess, and kicking back. This is because when he is at work, he works 28 days in a row with no break, 12+ hours each day. Leo's work is crazy, hectic, fast-paced, and he has to keep his mind geared up just to keep up with the goings-on...he doesn't have time for distractions. So, my emails to him are generally light duty, and I try not to give him anything to worry about.

Second, when it comes to decisions about the house we both have a tendency to check, double-check, and re-check with the other before making a selection of any kind. While this ensures we both agree on things, it also slows us down A LOT. So, more recently our strategy as been this; when Leo is home we do a lot of research on finishes, styles, colors, and more. We shop and shop for things that are coming up on the house, but generally don't actually make any purchases. By the time he rotates back to Nigeria, I am at a point where I am a LOT more confident about making selections of all kinds without him being here because at this point, I know what he likes. I can make purchases as needed a lot more quickly than when he's here, but I am also confident that he is going to like those selections.

Finally, although it's not like Leo needs any more excitement in his life, the truth is, that first day home is always a great deal of fun for us both. I watch him go through the house discovering all the changes and we both really enjoy the experience. It's like Christmas every other month. It is also a HUGE confirmation for us both that this two years of frequent and long separations has some payoff value. Then he can relax for a month, enjoy the new parts of the house, and prepare for the next rotation knowing that it is his work in Nigeria that is making it all possible.

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