Thursday, March 04, 2010

Settling In--Again

I moved into my new apartment two days ago. Although it too is expensive, I like it SO much better than living in the hotel! I have some room to spread out here, I hear birds in the morning rather than sounds of construction, and I can cook and do laundry (well...theoretically anyway). I can't wait to get back to it and get settled in for the next 7 weeks of activities.

Hmmm...what shall I tell first...the good, or the bad.

Let's start with the bad. It is hot. I mean HOT. I mean REALLY HOT. There is a small window unit in my bedroom, but the air it puts out is not really cool at all. (I will DEFINITELY take a look at the filter when I get back and see if there is something I can do to help it along.) There are fans in the living area and bedroom, but really what they do is blow hot air around all day. Note: When a friend stopped by around dinner time yesterday I begged him to take me out to eat just so I could enjoy the air conditioning in his vehicle for a few minutes! Thankfully, he was happy to oblige.

Now I'm thinking there are probably two main groups of you out there reading this; those that can't imagine living without a/c, and those that think I am being awfully picky about it. The truth is, Leo and the girls and I lived without a/c ( south Texas!) for most of our time in Port Lavaca. I actually do relatively well without it. There are three things that have an impact on the situation though. First, my computer equipment generates heat of its own and is not used to the hot conditions. Second, whenever someone stops by for a visit, I am always drenched in sweat. Third, the apartment is large enough to double as an office, providing some much-needed ad hoc meeting space for business working sessions. However, the more people gathered, the hotter it is.

Only a few other drawbacks make the list.

  • There is no hot water. "Why do you need hot water in all this heat?" my friend asks.
  • I have a refrigerator/freezer that slightly cools my food, nothing more.
  • The doors don't latch and don't seal, so I have flying insects in the house regularly.
  • I have no internet connection. This is a problem I MUST resolve, but is turning out to be much more of a problem, with a lot fewer solutions, than I expected.

Now comes the good!

I can have friends come over and visit! My first friends came the night that I moved in. Not only did they come for a visit, they came bearing gifts. (Sorry...I didn't take pictures of them yet, but I will soon and post them as well.) I'm embarrassed to say I wasn't prepared for them, but I will be next time. I can't wait to have more friends over to visit.

I can cook! Although I had a problem with this at first, one of my friends was able to get the propane going so I could get the stove to work and cook up a little something. This is going to help me out tremendously on money, time, and health. The refrigerator problem means I'll have to shop more often than I am used to, but at least I can cook and eat at home.

I live in a neighborhood! I didn't know how much I missed hearing roosters crow in the mornings until I woke up this morning. The birds were chattering in the trees, the lush foliage all around was swaying in the breeze, and I could no longer hear the jackhammers and other construction sounds of the city.

Okay, there is actually a lot more I love about my new living arrangements, but they will have to wait until another time as I am running out of room here. Still, I believe I am in a situation that will work for me until I come home in May. After May, well, we'll have to see what happens then.

Today I am in Brisbane, Australia with daughter Rebecca. I was so delighted to see her today, I gave her a HUGE HUG! It's only been 2 weeks since we saw each other last, but so much has happened, it seems much longer. We really have two goals to accomplish here this week. First is to go over some company activities together to make sure she can handle things in Houston for 2 more months (she's doing fine so far). Second is to shop for items I think I need in PNG to help me get by until I come home in May. My list includes a wide variety of things from a computer monitor, to some cooler clothes, to some light-duty tools for fixing things around the apartment. The next posting you'll probably see will be pictures from the lovely (BIG) city of Brisbane!

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