Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hang in There, Guys...It'll Get Better!

I just got off the phone with Rebecca and Shannon, and amazingly, they are still in good spirits. While they had wind damage to porches and trees, their home is still intact. But...they have NO electricity, none in all of Liberty County, and are looking at 14-28 days more without it. Rebecca called after a long day of hunting for a generator and gas. [Their current game plan is to move into their travel trailer in order to be able to sleep in the a/c and even cook some light meals with propane.] While they were able to locate and purchase a generator, the gas tanks they've located are WAY overpriced. (Why would people do such a thing to each other?) They have less than one hour to get back into town, or they will be locked out due to the 6pm curfew. There are no places in town to buy a hamburger, milk, or cold drinks. They have a freezer full of thawing meat, and the weather is unbearably hot. One of Rebecca's co-workers, a woman, came to work with loose teeth and black eyes after an altercation in a parking lot during the "exodus". Today, they watched as police arrested two men in another parking lot brawl. Tempers are high, relief is slow in coming, and the situation doesn't appear to be changing for weeks to come. Still, they seem to be faring well and are resigned to the situation. They saw much worse than what they are dealing with in the towns to their east and still have the capacity to feel sorry for their neighbors in that direction. They are healthy, happy, employed, and their property is pretty much intact. They fared worse than any of us and are still able to feel "blessed". Hang in there guys...I promise...it WILL get better!

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