Thursday, September 15, 2005

Is it the Weekend yet?

It is WAY too early in the semester to be missing a class, but that is exactly what I'm doing today. I felt okay this morning, and was able to keep my appointment with an Advisor in the Technology College at the University of Houston main campus. The news about my transcripts (all 5 of them!) was good, so I applied for acceptance starting with next term. Now I get to start the very tedious task of getting all my transcripts to them. [Aside] Why can't they make that process easier? If you can fill out a "common" application for acceptance into college, why can't the colleges submit your transcripts to a "common" database for retrieval? Some of the transcripts require a fee be paid. Some can be requested only in person or by fax. Some can be requested only in person or by email. And one, San Jacinto College, will let you request it via fax only to send you a letter back, via "snail mail", saying you must come in and present your i.d. in order for them to send a transcript to another college. What? My gosh...what are they thinking? Anyway, by early afternoon I was worn out. It's just been TOO LONG of a week. So, I emailed my Pre-Calculus instructor telling him I would be missing class, and am presently working on absolutely NOTHING! Yup...nothing. Ain't it sweet?

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