Thursday, September 15, 2005

A New Project, and a Stickler

3:30am and I was up and going. I had homework due that took a bit of thought and work to accomplish. I was able to get to work before 7am, and started in on my "recovery" efforts for that old PM Database. I made all kinds of progress, but hit a snag that is driving me a bit batty. The original programmer set an Append Query up that looks at the current date [Date()] and compares it to a ScheduledDate field, along with IntervalPeriods and Intervals to determine what items need to be printed out for the next Week, Month, Quarter, etc. The problem with this is, the users have NO IDEA what items are scheduled to come up NEXT week, as the routine runs every day (I'm guessing on this point...while I can see and edit the Query, I have no idea what triggers it to run since I am locked out of viewing the form codes). Anyway, I'll get there--I'm not worried about it. I'm guessing sometime Friday I'll decide on a plan of attack and work it out. I also picked up a new little project today that I am going to LOVE. It is in my favorite "flavor"--Excel. I was asked to convert an Excel spreadsheet (this one is tracking personnel and actions from one of the Safety Programs) into a database that would allow for some customized reporting options. When I explained that the data was so straightforward it would be just as easy to design some Excel macros to accomplish the same thing, the customer agreed to let me take a shot at it. [As a matter of fact, they seemed quite happy about it.] I accomplished several other things during the day, set up a Blog for my nephew in elementary school, made that 60-mile r.t. to attend my Geography class [we had a blast, by the way], got home just in time to get my last two paragraphs submitted for my literature class, and here it is just midnight:05 and I think I'm going to go to bed. Tomorrow's another BIG day, of course!

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