Sunday, September 11, 2005

Switching Gears

Whew! Back at "home" again after a long day with my head stuck in a database. It seems to be working out fine, and I'm starting to be happy with the results, but the next step, getting the customer's input for all the tweaks and updates, is always a bit more, um, "interesting" maybe? It's time to switch gears, however, and get ready for a couple of other projects. In the morning, I'm working on a PowerPoint presentation (a project report) that gets updated from data stored in a spreadsheet. I'm happy with most of it. I put in some nice little routines that allow for "automatic" reporting of monthly data as well as cumulative totals in the ppt. But there are a few "manual" maneuvers (or "manomatic" as my husband would say) that we just can't seem to get around. THESE are what we will be looking at again tomorrow. I'm looking forward to Tuesday as well, when I will be working with one of my favorite "interfaces" on a bit of a complicated spreadsheet. My friend Ed is a lot of fun to work with. And he is really quick to pick up on things. Whenever we see each other, if I give him a little snippet of code (Excel is what we are usually working of my FAVORITE programs) or even an example file, the next time I see him, he's worked with it enough to learn what it does, and often figures out something really neat to try it out on. Ed is getting ready for one more round of site visits, in Africa, so I'm hoping we'll get some things accomplished this week that will allow him to share some really useful "tools" with those folks. Yup...I'm looking forward to a really fun week. Last, but not least, I did something for myself today. Yes, that's right. Something for ME. I got my hair cut. I got it done at one of those little one-cut-fits-all places (it's all I could find open on a Sunday afternoon in my new neighborhood [more on that another time]). Actually, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I liked it so much, I might even go back before my "normal" interval of 6 months! Yikes! 10:45! I'm headed to bed now. ("Sleep fast. Sleep fast. Sleep fast...")

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