Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Past the First Hurdle

I got my first phone call from BP late last week. I was told my name came up for a "pre-interview", so I was asked some questions over the phone about why I thought I was the right person for the job. If I make it past this step, I should hear from them again early next week to schedule a "sit-down interview". If I didn't say the right things, well, I guess I just won't hear from them again. I HATE making decisions like this! I like it when things just fall into my lap (which, in my line of work, they often do). I also like it when there are no choices in the matter other than yes/no, go/no-go, do it/don't do it. This is different, and I don't know what to do. I work a job I absolutely LOVE. I work with people I enjoy, in a system I understand, making a decent income, working a flexible schedule, doing work that gives me a tremendous amount of satisfaction. So, what's missing?
I have absolutely NO sense of security!
As a contractor, I could be released from all of my projects tomorrow, without notice, without discussion, without recourse. My "company" friends say, "No Way", "It'll never happen", and "You're way too valuable", and I'd really like to believe them. The truth is, however, that I've seen it happen to hard-working, valuable people just like me. I think it's time to perform one of my husband's famous comparisons. His theory is, when faced with a difficult decision, listing the pros and cons often makes the solution clear. I don't believe it will really be "clear" in my case, but it's worth a shot.
TopicMove to BPStay at ExxonMobil
Income:2/3 of currentgood
Hours:40 per week, M-F40 per week, any time
Vacation:2 weeksnone
Medical:DecentCovered until Leo's retirement in Jan'07, then NOTHING
Location:2-1/2 hours from home2-1/2 hours from home
Job Satisfaction:unknowngood
IRS:they get it allI have some write-offs
Longevity:15+ yearsunknown
What do you think? Is there a clear cut winner? Did I miss something? Do you have an idea what my answer would be if I got an offer?

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