Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Waiting Game

"What's the deal? I submitted my [online] application on Sunday, here it is Wednesday morning, and I haven't heard diddly squat from these folks? What is it I did wrong? Am I too old? Too much experience? Do they already have someone in mind for the position?" These are the kinds of silly thoughts that occupy my mind this week. I have a research paper due, have hit a bit of a "glitch" in my PM Database data cleanup efforts (that will cost me some time), have a major exam tonight, and all I can think of is why these people haven't called me! Silly, right? I have a job that I love and with pay that is decent, but this is the year that I've decided I'm scared. I'm scared of losing my contract, scared that I won't be able to pick up another, scared that I'm too old to be attractive to a company looking for someone with my experience and qualifications, or maybe all that is just an excuse. Maybe I'm just scared that "the industry" thinks I'm not useful any more. Oh well...time to check my email messages and phone messages to see if I have an interview request!


  1. Well, did you ever hear from them? ? ? Did you receive the interview request? ? ? This is a cliffhanger at this point.

  2. Sorry about the delay, Mom...thanks for keeping me on my toes! :-)