Monday, November 21, 2005

"College Students"

On Saturday morning, Rebecca, Rachael and I went on a "field trip" to the UH Main Campus library. We all are working on term papers, and Rachael knew the ropes about getting in and getting around, so we talked her into giving us the grand tour. While the library is certainly impressive and has a lot to offer, we were not at all impressed with the level of knowledge of the few student workers we encountered. I supposed I expected to be accosted by an egghead freshman that would have to disdainfully modify their normal speech in order to be understood by us mere mortals. What we encountered were the typical, "uh, I don't know, let me ask", and "um, I don't think so" responses. And it's not like that's a bad thing. I mean...I was actually comfortable there (even though I was the only person in the entire building over the age of 25, and I am WAY over that). Of course, these interactions generated some giggles and jokes between the girls and I about all those "college students". We were on this train of laughter for quite a while before one of the girls mentioned that, in all actuality, the three of us ARE "college students". More giggles and laughter. What a fun day! For the record, Rachael is a Legal Studies senior at UHCLC, hoping to graduate in May. I am a Technology Supervision junior at UH (Main) looking at 3-4 more semesters. Rebecca is an Engineering freshman at Lee College, in Baytown. However, not a single one of us will admit to being a "typical college student". was a great day. Mom and the girls out on the campus, doing our thing. Life is good.

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