Sunday, December 04, 2005

Exam Cram Weekend

Just wanted to let folks know I'm still alive and kicking. This is my Exam Cram weekend, and I've been cooped up with a 12-pack of diet cokes and an assortment of microwave meals and snacks for a couple of days now. I finished (YEAH!) my replies to the other students' Dante feedback, took my 100-minute final exam, and turned in my 8 page, 2,000 word creative writing assignment describing my own version of Hell. (Yeah, that was one of those assignments to give you nightmares!)

For World Geography, I just finished my "fake" Cuba weblog. In it, I'm pretending to prepare to take a class of Spanish students to Cuba for a visit, so I share my experiences from a previous trip with them in order to do so. You'll have to check it out at Destination Cuba. I still have to study for my exam in that class--to be taken on Wednesday night--but I won't face that hurdle until Tuesday.

The rest of today and as much of tomorrow that I can spare will be spent studying for my Managerial Accounting exam, to be taken Monday night, which is a WHOPPER of an exam. So, I wanted to let people know that I'm still alive, but snowed under. I cannot WAIT for the semester break so I can sleep, visit with friends, fish, and CHILL OUT. I've almost forgotton what all that is like!

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