Monday, May 22, 2006

Apartment Hunting--YUK!

Now that I've had a little break from school, I'm back to looking for an apartment. I'm currently staying at my mom's place which is not a bad set-up (she likes to feed me!) but it's not a long-term solution. 1. I cannot do my work or my schoolwork without a broadband connection. I'm getting around this "requirement" at the moment by spending a LOT of time at the UH library, but that is also difficult. It's a long walk, the weather is not always good, and it can be noisy (although that's not the case at the moment). 2. I need to be able to have people come over. I know Mom wouldn't mind if I had a study group over at her place, but it is really too crowded for spreading books out, hooking up laptops (back to the broadband requirement) and gnoshing on popcorn during while studying/working. 3. I need some empty space. Some of my requirements for working (when I'm in my "creative" mode) is a LARGE whiteboard, something to play music on, and a place to spread all my books and papers out (the floor usually works just fine) while I work. 4. It MUST be located between URC and the UH Campus. Truth is, I put in such long and often difficult hours, I MUST be able to crash quickly, get up quickly, and get on the move without any wasted time. This means I'll probably be spending more than I want to on a place to live, but I'm at the point where I don't have the luxury of doing anything different.

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