Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Honors Senior Project Application In

I rushed over to the campus yesterday afternoon in order to submit my application for inclusion in the Honors Senior Project. The first requirement is that someone from my college (Technology) approve the request. I tried to get in to see the identified person, but surprisingly, she did not seem to want to see me. She took my application, however, via one of the department secretaries, and I came back after an hour for her decisision. She IMd said secretary to ask me to wait until tomorrow as she needed to delve further into my [colorful] academic history before making a decision. Hopefully, I'll hear something this morning! I have to explain a bit about my "colorful" history, by the way. When I was a youngster, 500 years or so ago, there was a rule-of-thumb about taking classes at a Junior College. Since there was no way you would be "graduating" from there, and since F's did not "transfer" to other schools, whenever you decided to drop a class, you had two choices: You could go through all of the trouble of Withdrawing, officially, or you could stop showing up to class and take and "F" (this was the "no hassle" method). Either way the outcome was the same. Fast-forward [oops...another out-dated term!] 500 or so years, and lo and behold, the colleges have decided to go and drag up all those old "F's" and put them back on the transcripts. So while they do not count toward anything since you get no credit at all for taking the class and making an "F", they now count AGAINST you by averaging in with your grades. Yikes! Couple that with the fact that they did NOT transfer all those lovely little A's from my major, since they were "technical" classes, and you'll see that my transcript at UH is not nearly as pretty as it was when I graduated with a 4.0 gpa from the 3rd Junior College I attended. (Note: I have 7 transcripts from 7 colleges to-date :-) So, now I'm crossing my fingers, hoping that this person who has no interest in visiting with me will "approve" my request to attempt a difficult Senior Project that will qualify for an Honors distinction. Wish me luck!

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