Sunday, May 14, 2006

Jessie's Luck

Oh my gosh...I've figured out that I LOVE to sleep! I woke up at an unusually late hour on Saturday and Leo and I spent the day just goofing off--absolutely nothing was accomplished. ( did feel good!) About 2pm we decided to head down for some fishing. I thought I had gotten lucky when I had a fighter on my hands, but by the time I got it close to the dock my fears were confirmed--I had landed a large (and ugly) stingray. I also caught a small croaker, but nothing else. Leo caught a series of hardheads, the largest of which was about 6" long and the smallest about 3" (hooked in the tail, no less). Jessie was the hands down winner, however, with a beautiful 23 1/2" redfish. He [the fish] put up quite a fight, so it was a lot of fun for us all to watch. I was actually surprised the fish was not bigger, considering the effort that went into landing him. There's no doubt Jessie is the "expert" among us, but we're all three a bit funny in that we all take pleasure in the catch, no matter who actually brings it in. Still, in spite of what you might think, for me, it's not about the catching as much as it is about the fishing. The day was beautiful. A nice breeze was blowing, but not so much as to be bothersome, the sun was shining, but it was not too hot, the water level and color was just right, and the company was absolutely perfect. I don't get many of these kind of days anymore, so I really cherish them when they come along. By tonight (Sunday night), I'll be headed back to the city, back to the grindstone, and back to the work I love. But for yesterday and half of today, I am reveling in doing nothing and enjoying it immensely.

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