Friday, May 12, 2006

Last Final...Finally

I'm at a Best Western this morning, around the corner from the Brookhollow site. I'll definitely keep this one on my list of "approved" places to stay! I'm drained, whipped, worn out, and ecstatic that I have TWO WEEKS of absolutely nothing to do do for school. What will I do? Last night was my final final. I wanted to (needed to) go in and ace it, but it just didn't happen. There was too much to cover and I had too little time available to prepare. I think I made a mid-B which pretty much means I won't make an A in the class. Still...considering everything that's been on my "plate" this semester, I can't complain about that; just to survive the semester is an accomplishment! Work is keeping me busy and I'm having a lot of fun. The Brookhollow folks are great to work with and I'm getting a lot of interaction with the "guys" (Techs, Operators, KBR, etc.) which I always enjoy. They know that I know what it's like to be in their shoes, so anytime I come up with ideas to make things easier on them, or even just take the time to listen to them and try to address some of their concerns, well, it's just good for us both. I plan on spending the next two weeks revisiting some recent projects and performing some clean up duties. There are a couple of items that need to be addressed in the URC PM database, some things (instructions, enhancements, etc.) to be implemented in the OI Plans and Measures, and a LOT of tiny database-maintenance-type items to work with in the Contracts Administration databases. So even though I'm not going to get a break of any kind over the next two weeks, at least I can sit in one spot and knock out a BUNCH of my to-do list. (Yeah!)'s getting late and I've had enough of this goofing-off time...I better hit the road. Although I saw home last week, I was just passing through and spent only a couple of waking hours there. Tonight I will be headed home for the weekend and will actually sleep in my bed (LONG hours!!), fish from my pier (don't care whether I have any luck or not), and cut up with Jess, Leo, Jose, Bro. David, and anyone else who happens by. Now THAT'S the life!!

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