Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Step 1 Approved!

I got a phone message from the Student Services advisor this morning letting me know that my application for inclusion in the Honors Senior Project has been approved by my college and passed on to the Honors college. Yippee! What this means is that I will do a project that requires a lot more time and effort, and will be judged by a higher standard, and that in exchange, I will get a set of colored cords to wear at graduation. Um...something doesn't seem quite right here. Oh well. I'm not driven to excel in everything I do, but when I make my up to go for the gold, I'll usually wear myself out attempting it. I also got word from Mr. Wagoner, my instructor last semester for "Organizational Leadership and Supervision", that he would be happy to serve as my academic advisor for my Senior Project. Another Yippee! And for my final Yippee, my sweetie is coming to town tomorrow to stay with me for two days, then we'll head back his way for the long weekend. Five days with my husband is a bit of a record. Yippee!

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