Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New Apartment--Yippee!

Well, I picked up the keys to my new apartment yesterday. It's quite the "Fort Knox". I was issued six keys (2 front door, 2 visitor gate, 2 mailbox) and six cards (2 gate access, 2 exercise/club room access, 2 parking stickers). Yikes! I don't know if I'll ever get this straight. I would post pics of the apartment, but don't have my camera handy. So, just picture cream colored carpet, cream colored walls, and two pillows and a blanket on the floor in the center. THAT'S my apartment! Best of all, however, is that I went to work this morning right in the middle of rush hour. It took me TWO MINUTES from door-to-door. Wow! Ooh, ooh, one other thing...with my living arrangements for the past year, I have not cooked ANYTHING for over a year. This morning, I actually toasted two pieces of bread, added butter, and ate them for breakfast. My first home-cooked meal in over a year...SWEET! Work and school are piling up, so I gotta go, but just thought I'd share the update. New apartment--Yippee!

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