Saturday, June 03, 2006

Saturday Morning on Campus

Yes, here I am again, camped out on campus. I've found that there's a nice, quiet, although always cold (I've GOT to remember to bring a sweater!) student lounge area in the Technology building that is PERFECT for studying in. Hold on a minute, and I'll take a couple of pictures for you to see... The first photo is the rest of the room...neat, orderly, and empty. The other two photos show my corner with books, computer, caffiene supply, etc. I'm currently working on creating a Team Charter for my Team Leadership class. Although this is something for the team to do together, our team has opted to do it together, separately. Anyway, I hope that by lunchtime I'll have the first draft of our Motto, Vision, and Mission Statement to pass on to the rest of the team. Then I can move on to my Statistics homework this afternoon, and my LOOMING (i.e. I'm a bit lost on what the instructor wants) Proposal Writing homework. So, it's back to the books and I'll check in with you later. P.S. Leo, if you decide to check in here for an update, I want you to know I MISS YOU, and Jess, and Saturday movies, and fishing, and...

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