Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hours at the Library AGAIN

I've been SNOWED under by project work both at school and at work, but perhaps I'm about to get a 4-week breather. Today I finished by Final Exam for my Statistics class. I have to say, I went into the exam with an A average and hope I didn't blow it today. The exam was much harder than I expected, and I got confused about a couple of the concepts right off the bat. The online portion of the exam is scored immediately, and I scored a 75. YIKES! That is NOT what I needed to maintain my A average. However, I know I did better on the spreadsheet portion of the test, and HOPE it was better enough to rescue my A. Wish me luck, folks! So, for the next two weeks I have only one class in progress. I made and A in my Project Writing and Proposal class, so temporarily, my GPA is good. The math class could really hurt me if I didn't pull off the grade. This last class is a bit of a crap shoot. I really thought I was going to get an A- last semester with this instructor, and I blew the final and came out with a B+ instead. I'm giving it my ALL this semester, but still worry about something showing up on the test that I'm not prepared for. Currently, I have an A in the class, but there are still 2 major project and 2 major tests to go, so I have no idea whether I can maintain that grade. After those two weeks are finished, I actually have a couple of weeks with NO CLASSES AT ALL. For the next two years, I have only 2 such "breaks" scheduled, so I will definitely have to make the best of this! Anyway, I've been here at the library for hours now, got the research material I needed to get, and am ready to go home for a nap. My sweetie is in New Mexico today, and won't be home for a week, so I'm feeling a bit glum. When the hubby and brother-in-law get back next week, I may have to take a day off and go fishing or something. I really need to get my head somewhere else for a day or two...maybe getting it in the water is the answer!

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