Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Scary! I'm Starting to LIKE Logic!

Yes, that's right. I just finished a TON of homework problems for tomorrow night's Logic class, and I really hate to admit it (because it really sounds crazy), but I really enjoyed it. Here's an example of one of tonight's problems, along with my solution. (I hope it's right). Number 5: (B-->E)-->(F-->(F-->E)),(E-->F)-->(B-->E),B-->(E-->F),(B-->(E-->F))-->B ⊢ F -->E 1. (B-->E)-->(F-->(F-->E)) A 2. (E-->F)-->(B-->E) A 3. B-->(E-->F) A 4. B-->(E-->F)-->B A 5. B 4, 3 -->out 6. E-->F 3, 5 -->out 7. B-->E 2, 6 -->out 8. F-->(F-->E) 1, 7 -->out 9. E 7, 9 -->out 10. F 6, 9 -->out 11. F-->E 8, 10 -->out If you think that was exciting, you should see the homework I had to do for my Operations was 5 pages of calculations that had to do with "waiting line theory". Yes, that's right. TONS of information about how to caluclate all of the possible business implications that waiting in line at the grocery store, bank, oil change shop, etc. have on the business. Gee, who knows what exciting things I'll learn next week!

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