Sunday, September 03, 2006

Body Worlds 3--Cool!

A small group of us (6) went this morning to see the Body Worlds exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It was really cool! The exhibits are all sold out, here at the end, so there was quite a crowd and there were no tour guides available. However, the displays were set up in a way that had visitors progressing in an orderly fashion while still allowing for us to take as much time as we wanted looking at each exhibit. We really did have a great time. Yesterday we had a blast as well. Since Madison turned 6 a little more than a week ago and Mason turns 3 in less than two weeks, we went to the combined birthday party in Liberty. The grandkids were almost as excited to see us as we were to see them. They are beautiful, sweet, and fun to be around. It was good to see Rebecca and Rachael as well. The weather was hot, but with a breeze, so we had a very nice time visiting, playing, and watching the little ones. Who knew grandparenting could be so nice?! I'm back home this afternoon, working on the TON of homework that will help me stay up-to-date with my studies. I have homework in every class but one, and I tend to do EVERYTHING that the instructors suggest (you know...because I need so badly to make A's this semester), so it really takes me a long time. At work I have such a heavy workload at the moment as well. I am supposed to have the Parking Sticker and Violation Database ready to roll out on Tuesday, the Facade Project Gap Closure Plan ready for Wednesday, and two Project Management "tools" (a spreadsheet and an org chart template) ready to roll out on Thursday. So, I HAVE to get my homework done today so I can work tomorrow, so I can survive the week. Wish me luck!

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