Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Losing Ground

I got my first final grade back, and it was a disappointing A-. (I was almost SURE I was able to get that last little bit of credit to move me up to an A!) That doesn't really hurt my GPA, but it doesn't help. The real problem is, I think that may be the best grade I make this semester. I started out so strong, only to lose it at the end here. And it's not for lack of trying. It's just that work has gotten to the point where it requires so much of my time. That's really funny too, because I've made less money recently then ever before. I'm really struggling trying to make ends meet, but that also seems to be a losing battle. Anyway, I have one final tonight, in my hardest class--Production and Operations Management. Although I've put in the time reading the books, working example problems, and scouring my notes, I'm guessing the best I will do on tonight's test will be 85-89. I have some items (like our project) that will raise that score, but I also have a missed homework that will lower it. Next week, I have a final on Monday (Logistics) and have to turn in a "take-home" final for my "Leading Change in the Workplace" class. That means, of course, that my weekend will be spend with my nose in a book half the time, and the rest on the internet scouring through "leadership" articles and topics. My final final will be in my Logic class, which is one that I've really enjoyed this semester. Although I'm a TERRIBLE test taker, I've managed to do well on all the tests so far. However, these last couple of weeks have had me missing classes and missing quizzes (2 of each). That means I'm currently REALLY lost! So, wish me the best, and don't look for me for two more weeks, as you won't be able to find me without a set of notes in my hand and a harried look on my face. If I end up with nothing lower than a B in ALL my classes, I'll be surprised, but of course, not pleased.

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