Friday, December 15, 2006

Last Final...Done!

I was totally bummed out after my test tonight (Logic). I studied so hard all day, but with everything that's going on, I just couldn't make all the details stick in my head. Still, I came into tonight with a nice mid-range A. So, if I was able to get anything right at all on the test, perhaps I'll survive without too bad of a final grade. When I got home, however, I took a look and found out that several of my other final grades are already in. I knew about the "A-" in Moore's Project Management class (boy, was I upset about that one!), but I just found out tonight that I pulled off an "A" in Kovach's Production and Service Operations class (that was a close one!) as well as an "A" in Cassler's Logistics class! Whoopee! Just for a moment in time, perhaps just for tonight, I have a decent 3.69 GPA. I know it's not enough for a Summa Cu Laude, but it's darn close. And for an old fart like me with a ton of things going on to distract me from my studies, I just have to say I'm really pleased with myself tonight. Tomorrow might be a rough day, and it might even bring more disappointing grades, but tonight...well tonight I feel like celebrating. Tonight I am just plain HAPPY!

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