Saturday, January 20, 2007

My New Box of Crayons

Okay, I don't really have a new box of crayons, but I do have my first ever "art" class. It's called "GRTC 3353 Visual Communications Technology" and I wish I was having it in a not-so-busy semester because I think it's going to be fun. (I also think that I do NOT have really good instincts when it comes to graphics design, so I definitely can use the help!)

Our first assignment is to create 5 different "invitations". Now these are expected to be "amateurish" since we haven't had any training yet. They will be what we measure ourselves against at the end of the semester to see how well we've done, and how much we've improved. Would you like to see my "before" images? Check next to them to see what the assignment was. Also, click on them to see them in a larger size.

The couple: young, sophisticated, wealthy, upscale
Clients: Daughter’s and grooms parents, who are among New York’s elite
Text: A wonderful day in our lives is drawing near. We would be honored and happy if you would share the joy of this union before God. Our daughter Katy and son Julian will be united in marriage on Saturday, the twenty-fourth of June two thousand and twenty at one o’clock in the afternoon / Saint Francis Church / South Hampton, New York / A reception will be held at 775 Rosewood, South Hampton / Mr and Mrs. Edward Roberts and Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Palmer

The student: 21 years old male; college student; football player
Clients: student’s parents, middle class; both parents work
Text: Please join us as we celebrate Mark’s Graduation from the University of Houston, College of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Technology Leadership and Supervision on Saturday, the fifteenth of May at seven o’clock The Blue Room, The Hilton Hotel, 2343 Saddlers Way, Sugar Land/ Linda and Steven Johnson

The Birthday Person: energetic woman; lawyer; not shy about her age
Client: Birthday girl’s best friend
Text: The years just flew and before she knew it she's 5 decades old and accustomed to it! Help us celebrate Karen Green’s 50th Birthday and a lifetime of good friendship on October 15th at 7:30 PM / West Grove, Stafford, TX/ R.S.V.P. to Mary Anne 713-555-5555

Who: 28 years old expecting mother, who is interior designer. The woman is expecting a boy.
Client: A 39 years old co-worker
Text: Diapers and Bibs Bottles and more that’s what Baby Showers are for! In honor of Cynthia and her baby boy/ Friday, February 28, 2020 at 7:30 PM / 222 Sea Drive, Galveston R.S.V.P. to Tina 281-888-8888

Client: 36 years old football fan; middle class
Text: It’s a Super Bowl Party! Come cheer for your favorite team. There will be bowls of chips, bowls of dips, bowls of candy/ Sunday, January 28, 2030 / 897 Garden Avenue, Houston, Texas

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