Thursday, March 01, 2007

Planning a Trip Home--FINALLY!

By our most recent calculations, it's been six weeks since I've been home. Can you believe it? Six weeks since I've seen the sun set on the water; six weeks since I've fluffed up the pillows in my own bed; six weeks since I've watched the deer feeding in the evening. So...I have a game plan this week. I'm going to go home. I took my GRE on Tuesday, with very little time allowed for preparation. I had mediocre performance in the Quantitative section (what a disappointment), but fared much better with my Verbal scores. My performance was the opposite of most test takers. I don't know what kind of grade I will receive on the Analytical (essays) section, but feel I did relatively well there as well. (As my sis says, I am definitely the queen of B.S.!) Still, poor performance and all, I am so happy to have the test behind me. Now I'm down to one final activity before beginning at the University of Texas (Austin) in mid-April...I just have to come up with $50K. Today is a full day with projects from school, ExxonMobil, and CAPS all awaiting my attention. And tonight I have my Current Issues class to attend once again. Tomorrow I'll be at Greenspoint working on some Project Management Tools all day (I like that group, and I like the tools we're developing, so I'll have a good day). Tomorrow night I HAVE to study for Saturday's exam. Saturday will be a long day, with an exam in the morning and class from 9 to 5. Saturday night Leo and I will be headed to Sis' house to work with Tyler on his history project, then when we're done there...we are going HOME! Leo and Jess have promised that we're going to have nice weather so we can sit on the pier and fish. I'm so excited! I'll stay home until Wednesday morning when I have to be back in town for a meeting. I have TONS of work that I'm taking home with me, and will put in my typical 12+ hours each day on it, but still...I will be HOME. Ah well...lunch is over now and I have work to do, so I'd better sign off and get to it.

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