Friday, April 13, 2007

My First Bad Day

Well, I knew it would first bad day...I just didn't know it would be this early in the semester. We've had time now to get to know each other a little bit, on a surface level anyway. So it's the time for doing all of that "sizing up" that I talked about earlier--it's time to get ready for the event we'll call "The Picking of the Teams". We all wrote down a bit about ourselves on the boards around the room, and then began the process of trying to "group up" based on our likes/dislikes, skills/weaknesses, and more. Although no one in the entire class has been rude to me, actually, no one as been anything other than nice to me, absolutely no one approached me to suggest forming any kind of teaming alliance. In other words, when all the kids were picked for teams, here I stand on the sidelines, and the teams are all full. So, I'm back in my hotel room, crying a bit over my lunch break, and wondering how much I would miss the $1,000 deposit if I go home right now. Anyway, no official teams have been established, but the process is scheduled to begin right after lunch. I don't know what the real deterrents are, and I still have another half hour to be depressed about what they could be (my bluecollar career, my old age, my smart mouth, my size and appearance, my country girl accent, who knows?) Hopefully you'll hear from me again this afternoon and all will be well. Again, I have a tremendous group of friends, family, and even a handful of what amounts to "interested" parties pulling for me, and I want you all to know I appreciate it so much! So, it's for all of you that I'm going to put on my gameface and jump right back in the mix!

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