Friday, April 13, 2007

Good Morning, Crazy World

I know I promised an update when I got back yesterday, but after reading my email and doing a little work, I just collapsed. And it wasn't from exhaustion, as we had been sitting in classroom settings all day, but from mental exhaustion. [I'm about to wear myself out trying to strategize on teams and projects, on working solutions for surviving the next month of being a full-time student in two different programs AND trying to earn a living, and more.] I've done TONS of prep work now, and have so much more to go. I have my collection of textbooks (14 of them for just this semester!) to begin on, and a HUGE list of things to do before I come back in two weeks. So, I'm feeling unusually frazzled at the moment, am in a high state of anxiety, and am off-the-chart on the excitement scale. I have to make a run to the truck now for some paper (I've got an office set up in my hotel room and my printer is hungry) and a hole punch, then have to be in class and ready to go at 8:30, so I'm going to sign-off now. Today is a big day, and I hope I'll have more to report when I get out. Thanks for thinking of me! P.S. In case you don't know it, you guys can send messages to my blog almost as easily as I can. Just click on the link at the end of whichever message you want to comment on that says "Comments". (Trust's safe.) You can type in a quick comment to me there. It may ask you to do something small in order to verify that you are not a spammer, but again, I promise that it is a safe thing to do. The only other thing to be aware of is that everyone who sees the blog will see the comment as well. But it is this business of allowing other people to post messages here that makes it a blog and not just a website, so feel free to say hey!

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