Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Today I Become a Longhorn!

Yes, that's right. Today is the day I begin grad school at the Univeristy of Texas in Austin and officially become a longhorn! I nervous, you wonder? Yikes! You bet! I am not at all concerned about whether or not I can "do this", as knowing what I am capable of is something I've grown into over the years. Yes, I can do this.

But as to the questions of "is it worth it", "will we ever recover from paying for it", "am I going to enjoy it", "is it going to meet our needs", and thousands of others just like it, well, I'm going to be optimistic and plan on all of those being true as well.

I'm currently in the process of packing all of my goodies (including tons of unfinished client work) into the truck so I can head to Austin in a few hours. I will be pretty much unavailable, by phone anyway, for the entire week as my days will involve classroom work from 8:30am to 5:30pm, with the promise of tons of homework and follow-up activities each night. Add to that the fact that several clients are waiting on packages from me, and you can see how I'm a bit "booked" for the week.

But...I am way off the top of the excitement scale, and unbelievably wired for the week. My only real disappointment with the whole thing is that Leo won't be there with me. However, with my new addiction to the high quality, and FREE, skype video calls, you can bet I'll be phoning home regularly. Wish me luck!

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