Tuesday, July 31, 2007

All Moved In

Well, I suppose that even though we moved in to our new apartment, the title is actually misleading. While I was at work, Leo moved in 1-1/2 beds, a good portion of my clothes, and much of my kitchen "stuff". Last night we made some "adjustments" to our cable so that we could use the metallic outside of the cable connection as an antenna and watched the local news [the old fashioned way] on a 25" tv while sprawled out on the floor of a large, empty living room. We've opted not to hook up cable tv, chose a $5/month phone service, and a $14.95/month high speed internet service. I am almost ready to settle in for my 6-month assignment. The shower was hot, the a/c (after a bit of work) was cool, and the noise was not bad at all. I slept good in my new home-away-from-home. Now it's lunch time, and I am taking a bit of an extended lunch to find out about the neighborhood. Less than 5 miles away is a small, quaint library with the typical Harris County free wifi. Leo disappeared into the shelves as soon as we arrived. (Like me, he absolutely loves libraries.) I miss home already, and unlike Leo, who has decided that we are through with the "move", I am thinking about what pieces of furniture I want to bring up and who I can hire to move them. If I can settle in for the long-haul and shut down my road-warrior ways for a few months, I believe I can make some progress on projects at work and at school. I think it's going to be a good run. Well, I suppose I should find the hubby and grab a burger before heading back to work, but I'm thrilled to find out that in the middle of the day, when I sometimes have a difficult time getting work done at "the office", I have other options, like the library. Yes, for the moment anyway, we are all moved in.

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