Thursday, July 26, 2007

Moving Back to Houston

I picked Leo up from the airport on Tuesday. His 10 days in New Mexico were fun, he said, but both of us agreed that it was just too many days apart. He had to stay with me in Houston (cheap hotel and a good book) while I worked, but we [finally] headed home this evening.

My hotel is one of the cheapest in Houston at $59.99 a night, and I really like it. However, Houston has the highest hotel tax rate in the country, 17%, which makes my stay $70 a night. Since I stay there three nights a week, a quick calculation determined that perhaps it was not the best thing to do. So...we went apartment hunting. My needs are simple, for this home-away-from-home. I just need a bed, a shower, an air conditioner, and an internet connection. We put down money on a place about 15 miles from where I'm working now, and about 1 mile from where I will work from September through December. The apartment is a decent size, decent price, and a prime location for people who like to eat and shop ( of those fits me). It is near the corner of 45S and the beltway, and I'm looking forward to getting settled in on Monday.

I keep thinking that "this time is the last time" every time I get a new place to live. Prior to this, it was a rent house in Galena Park. Before that, it was a very nice apartment inside the loop. Before that, a maid's quarters in University Place, and before that, a mobile home in Brazoria. In the last 6 years, I think I've lived in 8 different places. I think that makes me a gypsy!

Anyway, here we are again with an apartment in Houston, and a TON of work waiting on me. I'm doing fine, however, keeping up for the most part and hanging in there with schoolwork as well. I worry a bit about Leo, because he has to work so hard keeping me going. Someday I hope to get us in a position where he no longer has to be the driver and the laundry man, but for now, I depend on him for these services.

So, if you see me around Houston, be sure and say "hey". I'm hoping to make time for getting some old friendships back on track while I'm there (Debbie, Johnny and Martha, etc.), and making my customers happy at the same time.

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