Monday, July 09, 2007

Sleep Deprivation

Gee, after reading my last post I can see that Sleep Deprivation has some serious side effects. Namely, it appears to cause rambling and incoherency. The problem is, I'm still short on sleep, so this posting may not be any better. Still, I thought I should clarify some things that appeared in the last, and very strange, posting.

First is the issue that I started to bring up and never got back to about my MSSTC team. I started off with a topic that looked like I was going to spill my guts about being on a poorly functioning team. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Despite the fact that we are ALL involved in some real life activities outside of class, we still manage to get our work done. This is nothing short of a miracle. Additionally, although I'm not going to ramble about my team members' personalities here, I will tell you they are an amazing group of people. We come from a very wide range of cultures, backgrounds, attitudes, and aptitudes, but instead of causing problems, this diversity is precisely what generates most of the discussion and most of the learning in our group.

Another thing that looked like it might pop up in my last posting was some ugly-headed monster crying about school and/or instructors being too hard. Yikes! Where did that come from? School and the instructors ARE hard, but my instructors at UT are also incredible, incredibly interesting, insightful and helpful. I realize that I said it all wrong last time when I was "crying" about my B's in class. Yup...I really do wish I was getting better grades. But other than that, I just couldn't ask for a better set of instructors to teach me about this strange new world of developing innovations into marketable products. The program is absolutely fabulous.

Tonight I'm on the road, staying in a cheap (but clean and comfortable) hotel in Houston. [I'm hoping Leo will come to town tomorrow...I miss him already.] I could easily go to sleep now, but have to attend an online class meeting at 9pm (3 hours from now), so I'm working on homework instead. Almost all my reading is done (I'm a fast reader and love to read, so the reading assignments are almost never a problem for me), but I still have several assignments to complete. My part of the research on our new technology is not going well as the inventors seem to be avoiding me. But, I'm still hoping for the best. And my Finance homework is still waiting for me. I always put it first on my list, knowing it will take me the longest to make heads or tails of, but always end up pushing it down the list, knowing it will take me the longest to make heads or tails of. Still, the honest truth about the program is that, even though the work is KILLING me, I am learning, growing, and improving so much every day. And on those occasions when I am not sleep deprived, I realize that I am having an absolute blast in life!

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